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Lunchtime relaxation – the recharge zone for the day

Taking time out for a hypnotic lunchtime relaxation will totally recharge your batteries for the afternoon

Do you tend to hit a real low after your midday break and find it hard to motivate yourself as well as you can in the morning?

Does your energy and productivity fall off a cliff, so that you sometimes wonder whether the afternoon hours you put in are mostly wasted?

There’s no doubt that the social and economic changes of the past few decades have had a major impact on how we lead our daily lives. The natural rhythms of the day have, for many people, been squeezed or twisted out of shape under the pressure to achieve more, do more, be more productive and generally forget that you are a living being and not some kind of machine.

The attack on lunchtime relaxation

Although some people at least manage to hang on to the idea that you need to eat in order to be the producer/consumer that society demands, even the lunchtime break has been invaded. Instead of leaving their place of work and relaxing over a meal, millions of people are reduced to grabbing a sandwich while remaining effectively chained to their desks or work stations.

The consequences of not getting a midday relaxation

The human body doesn’t listen to ‘economic demands’. It has evolved over millions of years to function best on a three-way mix of effort, relaxation, and sustenance. Economics sees ‘relaxation’ as non-essential non-productive time, and this is why it has been so squeezed, while the time that used to be given to meals has been re-allocated to work, with eating only allowed to happen alongside.

This is a short-sighted approach. It means that, even if you start the day with a decent level of energy and enthusiasm, this steadily runs down. By the time afternoon comes, it can feel like walking through treacle to get anything done, never mind feel any enthusiasm for it. It’s deadly.

How you can win back the relaxation you need with hypnosis

But if you remember your three-way mix, and the need to have some real, genuine let-up in your daily activities so that you can actually perform better at them, you can do something to redress the balance. Enlightened employers actually encourage lunchtime leisure. But even if you are not so lucky as to have an enlightened employer, you can give yourself a great boost of relaxation in twenty minutes or less.

Lunchtime Relaxation is an audio hypnosis session devised by psychologists that will help you relax quickly, deeply and extensively. You don’t have to figure out how to do this – just listen along and follow the hypnotic suggestions that will quickly carry you into a profoundly restful brief trance.

Regular use of the Lunchtime Relaxation session will transform your life. You will quickly find that:

  • your energy levels increase overall
  • you feel more cheerful and enthusiastic
  • you are more creative and productive
  • you are able to get more done in the afternoon hours
  • you feel less pressured and stressed

Download Lunchtime Relaxation and kick start your afternoons.


Lunch Relaxation

Lunchtime relaxation - the recharge zone for the day

Note: Download only available in English language.