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Maximize Your Hypnotic Response

How to use hypnosis to get more out of hypnosis

Are you really getting all you can from your hypnosis sessions?

What would it be like if you boosted your hypnotic response?

People often think of ‘hypnosis’ as something done ‘to’ them rather than ‘by’ them. They imagine that a hypnotherapist can make them think, feel and act differently using special powers and skills.

A good therapist will certainly have good skills, and will use them to guide you through a trance experience that will bring you great benefits. But all the ‘power’ used in such a session is yours.

Because the fact is that the capacity to go into trance is completely natural and innate in all of us. We all can, and do, go into trance regularly.

Whenever we daydream, or concentrate intently on something (like our favorite TV program), or are busy doing something we really love, we are in a trance. We go into trance so regularly, in fact, that we generally don’t even notice we are doing it – although others might!

So what is the difference between such ‘regular’ trance states, and what we might call ‘official hypnosis’?

You can learn to be more responsive to hypnosis

The difference is that when you use self hypnosis, or work with a hypnotherapist, you actively choose to use this capacity to bring about positive results that you want in your life.

And, like any other human capacity, you can develop and enhance your natural ability to use it. You can get better at hypnosis, just as you can get better at singing, or playing a sport, or mathematics, or making things.

The good news is that getting better at hypnosis is about the most fun and relaxing thing you could ever choose to do. What other activity allows you to get better at it just by shutting your eyes, sitting back and using your imagination? You won’t even break a sweat!

So the question really is not “Can I get better at hypnosis?” but “What’s the best way to get better at hypnosis?” And generally, when you want to improve at something, you get help from someone who’s better at it than you are – a teacher, in short.

That’s where we can help.

Develop hypnotic responsiveness with a hypnotic teacher

Maximize Hypnotic Response is an audio download session created especially to make it really easy to experience many different ways of going into trance and developing a highly flexible response.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll notice that you:

  • relax deeper and faster each time you listen
  • get more closely acquainted with the amazing powers of your unconscious mind
  • become very curious about what you can achieve in trance
  • discover your own unique hypnotic style
  • notice more and more ‘ripple effects’ of hypnosis in your life
  • have so much fun.

Download Maximize Hypnotic Response now and become a better hypnotic subject. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Maximize Hypnotic Response

Maximize Your Hypnotic Response

Note: Download only available in English language.