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Take a Vacation Inside Your Mind with ‘The Island’

A gentle, permissive hypnosis audio to destress and relax the mind and body

How would you like a break from the place you’re in?

What about a quick trip to somewhere entirely different?

The wonderful thing about your imagination is that, coupled with hypnosis, it can provide you with the wonderful feelings and sensations of a vacation without you leaving your seat.

If you’ve ever experienced a beautiful dream in full color, then you’ll have some idea of just what good hypnosis can do for you.

During this peaceful hypnosis session, you’ll enjoy drifting around the deeply relaxing atmosphere of a tropical island. The entrancing guided imagery will give your mind and body the unparalelled relaxation that comes after a long time away. That wonderful feeling of nothing being too much trouble – of being able to rise above any stresses or worries.

When you feel like a break, take a 15 minute vacation with The Island Relaxation. Your friends and colleagues will never even know you were away!


The Island Relaxation

Take a Vacation Inside Your Mind with 'The Island'

Note: Download only available in English language.