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Face your class with confidence and teach your heart out

Well, there you are, a teacher. Now everybody expects you to know your subject inside out. And to be able to stand up in front of a class and impart your knowledge to them, effectively and confidently. After all, that’s what you’re trained to do, are you not?

Why you may not feel as confident a teacher as you would like

‘Professions’ are funny things. There are lots of them. Doctor. Lawyer. Accountant. Teacher. These titles make us think that these nouns actually signify something. So when you get that diploma that says you are a ‘teacher’, you feel that this means that you have become some new kind of person, that you are expected to behave in a certain way to match up to your important title.

Many ‘professional’ people, including teachers, experience considerable anxiety in their professional roles, feeling that they are a ‘fraud’ and will be found out. This is because, inside, you know that you are just ‘you’. ‘Teacher’ is just a label which has been applied to you, not a description of what you are, or what you can do.

Being a confident teacher comes from focusing on your students

Worrying about what you are, and how you are coming across, and whether your ‘front’ is good enough for you to ‘get away with it’, means that your attention is turned towards yourself. And when you are focused on yourself, it is very difficult for you to do what is best for others.

If your students are to get the best from you, your attention needs to be fully and completely on them. What do they need from you, and how can you best give it to them, so that they can effectively learn what they need to learn?

Use hypnosis to switch your focus and be a fully confident teacher

Switching your focus away from yourself and onto your students is more than a matter of willpower. It calls for a fundamentally different mental attitude – a new mindset. Hypnosis is by far the most effective tool you can use to build a new mindset for yourself and develop your confidence in your teaching.

Be a Confident Teacher is designed to take all the effort out of this process. By letting yourself become deeply relaxed and entering into the transformative process (a lesson in the best sense of the word), you will find that it is much easier than you thought to change how you see your teaching role.

As a teacher, you will certainly recognise some of the processes which are used in Be a Confident Teacher – but you may never have experienced them in quite this way before. Using this session regularly will give you a new confidence – and a new set of tools you can use to teach at your best.

Download Be a Confident Teacher and let your students see and feel the difference.


Be a Confident Teacher

Face your class with confidence and teach your heart out

Note: Download only available in English language.