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How to Find Your True Personal Identity

Deep down you know who you are and would like to be – let this hypnosis session lead you there.

Who do you think you are? Do you have a strong self of identity?

Life has changed incredibly over the last fifty years. We may have a so called global community in the internet but local communities have largely broken down.

We no longer have rituals to mark the passing of children into adulthood and millions of people just don’t know who they are supposed to be.

In the old days people knew each other and knew what each other did. Today jobs may only last as long as the next contract and clear concepts of how to be a man or a woman have largely disintegrated. A male client of mine recently said: ‘But I just don’t know how to be a man!’

Sure it’s limiting to label people this or that but the truth is we do need some labeling if we want to ‘be somebody.’ As long as we are not constricted by limiting or inaccurate labels others stick on us.

What is your identity?

An identity is made up who and what you feel you are and also how you feel you are perceived by other people around you. Your identity relates to what you do in life and how much you personally value what you do.

Your sense of identity is also made up of what you feel you are capable of in the future. Do you have a strong work identity? Do you feel respected in the workplace? Are you proud of what you do? Maybe you have a strong home life identity as a mother or grandmother or father.

Or maybe you feel that one identity has served it’s purpose and now, because of changing circumstances, you need a new strong sense of identity – this might happen, for example, when children leave home or after some other life changing event.

Becoming the real you

Then again perhaps you have never really felt a strong sense of who you are and what you are? What would you like to feel about yourself? Who do you want to be?

Because, once you have your strong identity, you become a stronger person. It’s the people who have a strong sense of themselves who thrive under difficult circumstances, who can keep their cool when people all around them are losing their’s and who can battle for their own ideas even when all around them are dismissing them as useless.

This session will encourage you to experience deep and profound hypnotic relaxation at the same time as offering suggestions to your unconscious mind to develop a strong sense of identity for a stronger life.

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Find Your Identity
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Find Your Identity
How to Find Your True Personal Identity. Deep down you know who you are and would like to be - let this hypnosis session lead you there.
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Find Your Identity

How to Find Your True Personal Identity. Deep down you know who you are and would like to be - let this hypnosis session lead you there.

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