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How to Overcome Inferiority Complex

Learn to see your strengths and weaknesses calmly and objectively with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session.

Someone once said that they had an inferiority complex but it wasn’t a very good one. This may be a joke but it has a serious point.

If you have got into the habit of feeling inferior to others then you can literally feel inferior about anything. Feeling inferior is linked to a sense of self shame, a feeling that you are bottom of the pack and never moving towards top dog, in anything.

As human beings we are all aware of status although it’s popular to pretend we don’t care about status at all. We use terms like ‘dis’ for ‘disrespect’, being ‘one up’ or ‘put down’. What position we hold in our ‘pack’ is important to us.

An inferiority complex makes you constantly worry about what others think of you. Of course why shouldn’t it be just important what you think of them?

Where does an inferiority complex come from?

Inferiority complexes develop from the experience of being ‘brain washed’ by other people. Maybe you have been unrelentingly criticized and put down by others.

Some people like to squash any hint of positive self regard in others and it’s easy to be influenced by such people. This session will help you move beyond such former brain washing.

If you have an inferiority complex chances are you feel more comfortable spending your time with people you feel aren’t too accomplished or successful or good looking or confident themselves. You probably prefer being with people who you feel aren’t going to judge you too harshly.

Gaining self respect

Wouldn’t it just be great to feel you are basically as good as anyone else? Sure you know they may be better at something specific but basically you are as good as they are – them being smarter (in specific ways) or taller or whatever doesn’t make them better than you in any general sense.

Inferiority complexes makes people who suffer them think that that specific attributes make people generally better. This is absurd. When you have gotten over that inferiority complex you’ll just feel better about yourself regardless of ‘the facts’.

How hypnosis can help you overcome an inferiority complex

The reason it’s hard to force yourself to think more positively about yourself is that thoughts are driven by feelings, and those feelings come from the unconscious part of your mind.

Trying to change an inferiority complex consciously is like mistaking the smoke for the fire.

And this is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is the art of communicating directly with the unconscious mind, and so using hypnosis we can update old unhelpful patterns.

The Overcome an Inferiority Complex session will stop you assuming you’re not as good as others and help you accept your own areas of strength as well as weakness with objectivity and calm.

Download Overcome an Inferiority Complex now and start enjoying your life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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Overcome an Inferiority Complex

How to Overcome Inferiority Complex. Learn to see your strengths and weaknesses calmly and objectively with this self-hypnosis session.

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