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How to Stop Thinking You’re Stupid

You’re not stupid, but thinking you are doesn’t help. Change your thoughts with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session.

Thinking you’re stupid all the time is a nightmare. If you’re looking for evidence that you’re stupid all the time, you’re sure to find it.

Early ideas about yourself can sometimes stick. If you were brainwashed into thinking you never had anything to say and were stupid when you were a child maybe that conditioning is spoiling life for you now.

Wanting to feel we are right even when being right is wrong

We humans like to think we are right even when being ‘right’ means holding onto limiting and damaging beliefs about yourself.

And a fixed idea about ourselves makes us see things in ways that support that idea.

In order to really begin to recognize your own intelligence and positive mental qualities you will have to let go of ‘having to be right’ about your being stupider than you really are.

Ignoring ‘non-stupid’ evidence

Have you noticed that whenever evidence appears that shows you’re not as stupid as you think, you discard it without thought?

People who automatically feel they are stupid will be selective with the evidence that life presents to them about themselves. For example if they do well at something they might say: ‘Well anybody could have done that!’ (Remember when you are clever at something then it will feel easy).

They might give the credit for their own intelligence to other people by saying: ‘Well that went well because Lucy or George really helped me it wouldn’t have worked without their help.

Losing the ‘I’m Stupid’ brainwashing

So strong is the early brainwashing that they are dumb that their mind tries to maintain the early conditioning by ‘making excuses’ for any evidence that doesn’t fit the ‘I’m stupid’ label.

It’s important for future happiness and success to leave this habit behind and soon.

Because if we truly believe we are stupid and others think we are we may subconsciously start to act more stupidly producing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Self concepts can actually mold our behavior.

The damage of self limiting ideas

Living with limiting ideas about ourselves means we live in more restricted ways than we need to. Maybe someone told you that you were stupid and you believed them because you were young or they have some authority.

Perhaps you have applied black or white simplistic standards to yourself and this perfectionist approach has left you, inevitably, feeling you are no good.

Some of the brightest people have thought they were stupid

Thomas Edison felt stupid at school and didn’t feel he could learn. He said he was always bottom of the class and felt that his father thought he was stupid.

But it was just that school learning didn’t suit him. Edison went on to transform the modern world with his invention and development of the light bulb, phonograph, flexible celluloid film and projector, microphone and a thousand other inventions.

Edison was able to cast off early perceptions of him as stupid and prove to himself and every one else that this was not the case.

This session will help you begin to be fair with yourself to give yourself an equal chance. It will encourage you to experience the ‘Edison effect’ and cast off limiting ideas.

Download Stop Thinking You’re Stupid now and start being true to your self. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Stop Thinking You’re Stupid

How to Stop Thinking You're Stupid

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