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How to Improve Your Chess with Hypnosis

Get the help of your unconscious mind to play better

Are you wondering how you can improve your chess game?

Do you feel that you’ve been stuck at the same level for too long?

Of course you already know that time is a key element in getting better at anything. You know that you have to commit to simply spending as much time as you possibly can to studying strategy and playing the game with as many different opponents as you can.

You’ve probably heard the adage that if you want to shine at something, you have to put in ten thousand hours… A scary thought, but the principle is sound!

But time and practice, vital though they are, are not the only factors influencing your game.

Good chess players think ahead

Playing better chess is also about how you think ahead, how complex a picture of the various outcomes of play you can hold in your mind at one time.

Developing this strategic skill, and honing it more and more, until you can do it ‘without thinking’ (or so it seems to anyone watching you) is what will take you to the next level.

The question is, how to train your mind to get better (and faster) at this kind of non-thinking thinking?

How hypnosis can help you quickly train your brain in new skills

Improve Your Chess is an audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists that will help you develop the mindset that’s most conducive to better play.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you will draw on the powers of your own unconscious mind and find that you

  • can think further and further ahead as you play
  • correctly anticipate your opponent’s response more often
  • have your further responses at the ready
  • maintain a consistently focused state of mind
  • develop more and more accurate intuitions.

Download Improve Your Chess now and enjoy playing a much better game. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Improve Your Chess

How to Improve Your Chess with Hypnosis

Note: Download only available in English language.