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Gain heightened awareness and get the edge with the subtle, permissive hypnosis session.

In martial arts, as in any art, the true artist possesses something greater than themselves moving through them.

is this connection with a sense of force and knowledge greater than yourself that determines perfect action.

In martial arts, less connection = more effort

When we perceive reality as a collection of parts – one part acting mechanically on another then we are disconnected. Our actions can be effective up to a point but there is little flow and much effort may be required.

Some martial artists use muscular force and a sense of disconnection from opponents when they fight, but they are not really artists at all.

The origin of the martial arts signifies an impulse transmitted from a great and wise intelligence. Martial arts are not a way of training the mind or the body but a way of training both as one entity.

This is true whether you focus on one or two martial arts, or mixed martial arts (MMA).

Martial arts make this awareness more apparent

The physical movement of martial art is merely a funnel or channel for this kind of universal perception. And this heightened awareness is just as applicable in any activity, not just martial movement.

It’s just that when you have that timeless, sure and time-transcending sense during what would normally be a tussle or scrap, then it is more noticeable, just as increased stamina is more noticeable when you run rather than when you just sit still.

How hypnosis can help heighten your awareness

The Martial Arts Heightened Awareness hypnosis session will gently encourage the state of mind within which division, time and space and separateness between people momentarily disappear.

When there is no divide between you and your opponents then how can you fail to direct their movement and the flow of energy, as you have tapped into all of existence in these moments.

Many students lack the concentration required to make each move totally efficient. This session will lend you power as it will feel as if the force of the universe resides within you and will be yours to direct.

Download Martial Arts Heightened Awareness now and notice the difference in your next contest. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Improve Your Martial Art Skills

Gain heightened awareness and get the edge with the subtle, permissive hypnosis session.

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