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How to Stop Being Messy – Now!

Start enjoying being tidy by changing your mindset with this anti-clutter hypnosis session

Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magic wand and stop being messy?

Has not being able to find stuff you’ve mislaid among the clutter caused you undue stress and difficulty?

It’s easy to laugh at obsessively tidy and organized folk, people who can’t bear it if you so much as move the soap an inch to the left, or fail to arrange the spoons strictly by size. ‘Get a life!’ you might think to yourself.

But when the passport you must have for your business trip can’t be found because it’s buried somewhere in the clutter you yourself have allowed to build up, that’s not so funny…

Nor will you laugh much over the friction mess can cause between you and people you live with if you have very different ‘mess tolerance’ levels. People who feel they are ‘always tidying up after you’ can get pretty sore.

And you yourself can get riled at them because they’re always on at you. It doesn’t make for a peaceful life.

Messy people are not ‘bad. Tidy people are not ‘good’.

Being relaxed about untidiness or dirt isn’t a sign that you’re a bad person, and being super fussy about cleaning and always putting everything away in the right place isn’t a sign that you’re a good person.

But having some measure of orderliness around you can actually make your life easier. So if mess has been the direct cause of difficulties, it can be a good idea to step in and change your mess management profile.

This is easier than you might think.

How hypnosis can help you quickly acquire beneficial new habits

Stop Being Messy is an audio hypnosis session that uses the power of hypnosis to help you quickly and effectively make significant habit changes.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you’ll be ‘imprinting’ new ‘habit patterns’ on your brain. Literally. You’ll quickly notice that

  • you select a ‘level’ of orderliness appropriate to your own needs and wishes
  • tidiness becomes noticeably more important to you without becoming an obsession
  • you develop certain specific new behavior routines that put you in control
  • putting things away and keeping things clean starts to feel as natural to you as cleaning your teeth or getting dressed
  • you sense a new feeling of freedom and ease in life

Download Stop Being Messy now and get on top of that clutter. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Stop Being Messy

How to Stop Being Messy - Now!

Note: Download only available in English language.