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How to Stop Worrying So Much

Relax your mind with hypnosis and learn how to stop worrying when you want to

Are you a born worrier, a real ‘worry wart’?

Do you get yourself worked up stressing about all the things that could go wrong, and how hard it will be to deal with?

Joe Walsh’s ‘Worry Song’, from the very first verse, sends up just what we are like when we are worrying ourselves silly over things:

Well, I worry about my present situation
My bookie says my odds are next to none
But I’d worry if my chances were improving
I got ulcers from the worrying I’ve done –
And they worry too!

Do you recognize yourself in that? 🙂

The purpose of worrying

But is worry really pointless? Surely such a widespread behavior must have some evolutionary value, or there wouldn’t be so many of us doing it?

The answer is, of course it does. We humans have some capacity for predicting the future, and this enable us to foresee problems in advance and find ways to overcome or circumvent them. That’s what worry is for.

So when people tell you that you should ‘stop worrying’, this doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about how things might turn out and preparing yourself as best you can for future situations.

What it means is that you shouldn’t fret so much about things that you actually paralyze yourself into inaction.

Worrying is misuse of the imagination

Your imagination is nature’s tool to get you envisaging better futures and new possibilities. Worrying is the misuse of this powerful tool. When you overdo it, you are effectively making bad stuff up, believing it and then feeling bad!

And worriers all think in the same way, in all or nothing, black or white terms: “This is going to be a total disaster, a catastrophe, a complete nightmare, I will be totally ruined

How do you learn to stop worrying so much? Is there a cure for it?

Stop Worrying is an audio hypnosis session which taps into the very same processes that ‘hypnotize’ you with overblown fears and anxieties over what might happen to deflate these concerns and ‘bring them down to size’.

Instead of getting worked up, you will find yourself naturally relaxing down, feeling deeply calm and peaceful. All the same ‘issues’ might still be there – but you feel quite different about them.

As you listen repeatedly to your download and instill these new patterns deep in your mind, you’ll notice that you

  • feel a lot better day-to-day and achieve more
  • stop second-guessing the future and assuming bad things
  • feel relaxed about not knowing how things will turn out
  • assume that whatever happens, you’ll cope
  • enjoy yourself a whole lot more.

Download Stop Worrying now and let go of all that excess anxiety. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Stop Worrying

How to Stop Worrying So Much

Note: Download only available in English language.