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How to Tame Your Inner Critic

Train your inner voice to be constructive not destructive with this gentle, permissive hypnosis session

Do you have a loud-voiced critic living inside your head?  Are you forever putting yourself down and finding fault with everything you do, even your successes?

There’s a saying that you should cherish your enemies, because they are the only people guaranteed to always tell you the unvarnished truth about yourself. We give a wry smile when we hear that, because we see the truth in it.

But it’s not the whole truth.  In reality, someone who hates you is just as likely to be biased by their emotional view of you as someone who loves you.

Getting too close to your inner critic

What has this got to do with those negative internal voices that tell you you’re useless, that the excellent piece of work you turned out is not nearly as good as people say it is, that you’ll never amount to anything, and so on and so on?

Well, when you listen too attentively to that stream of criticism, and give it too much credence, you are ‘cherishing your enemy’. And losing sight of the fact that those nasty ‘truths’ that are getting dished out to you may not just be emotionally biased, they may literally be ‘untruths’ by any objective measure.

Now if you have a very active and sharp inner critic, as many people do, you will hear them denouncing this idea as ridiculous, and warning you that anything affirmative you might hear would only give you an over-inflated and quite false sense of your own importance and value.

Indeed, if you only ever listened to praise and appreciation, you would naturally come to think that you are a jolly fine fellow (or fellow-ess, if there is such a word) without a fault to be found in you.

Constant self criticism doesn’t help you to be a better person

A few moments of sober reflection reveal that this is a classic ‘black or white’ trap. It’s true that you shouldn’t always and only listen to appreciative voices. But it’s also true that you shouldn’t always and only listen to fault-finding voices. In both cases, you will end up with a skewed and ultimately unhelpful view of yourself.

However, as you are reading this, you have clearly come to the realization that your inner detractor has become an inner dictator – and has completely gagged and bound your inner supporter. All positive input is barred, rejected or ridiculed.

And while it may feel as if all that condemnation is ‘really true’, you can also see that, far from helping you be the person you want to be, it is only hurting and hindering you.

But how do you get it to pipe down so you can get a more balanced view?

How hypnosis can help you bring some civilization into your mind

Tame Your Inner Critic is an audio hypnosis session created by experienced psychologists that will empower you to wrest back control.

As you repeatedly relax and listen to your session, powerful hypnotic processes will work on you at the conscious and unconscious levels and you will notice that you

  • rapidly begin to develop a more measured and balanced view of yourself
  • start treating yourself more fairly and acknowledging your good points
  • feel a calmer sense of trust in yourself
  • learn how to combine the inputs of both critic and supporter to benefit from both
  • find life very much more enjoyable and rewarding

Download Tame Your Inner Critic now and truly civilize the inner workings of your mind. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.


Tame your Inner Critic

How to Tame Your Inner Critic

Note: Download only available in English language.