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Think outside the box!

Use hypnosis to dramatically boost your creativity

Do you wish you could think outside the box more often, more effectively and come up with more creative and innovative ideas?

Do you feel like your brain seizes up when you get faced with difficult decisions or problems?

The standard way we tend to react when we come up against a barrier or a problem is to do more of what we’re already doing. But harder. Or faster. Or louder. Or longer. Or oftener. It makes sense. If you’re pushing, and the object you’re trying to move doesn’t budge, you push harder. If you’re talking, and the other person doesn’t hear you, you shout. So there’s nothing wrong with the standard approach, as far as it goes.

But sometimes, that’s just not far enough. Sometimes, no matter how many reinforcements you bring in to help you ‘push harder’, that object remains right where it is. Does this mean that it is an ‘immovable object’? Sometimes! You have to make a judgment, eventually, about when to give up and devote your energies to something more likely to yield results.

But not nearly as often as you might assume.

We’ve all heard about the guys who buck the trend and do what everybody else declares – and honestly believes on perfectly logical grounds – is impossible. How do they do it? Instead of doing ‘more of the same’, they take a completely different approach. They see the ‘problem’ in an alternative context, and find solutions by working in terms of that new context. Hey presto! Machines that fly!

Can you make your brain do the same? You bet you can.

Hypnosis can help you develop powerful creative thinking skills

Think outside the box is an audio hypnosis session designed around real life examples to prime your unconscious mind to make those creative leaps.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you will notice that

  • you effortlessly absorb the hypnotic suggestions
  • your mind naturally and easily begins to think more flexibly
  • you become more aware of ‘alternative’ ways to do things
  • you surprise yourself with the ideas you come up with

Download Think outside the box and give your mind free rein.

Think outside the box is part of the Life Enhancers series.


Think outside the box!

Use hypnosis to dramatically boost your creativity

Note: Download only available in English language.