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TV Junk Food Eating – Stop the wrong food types creeping up on you

TV eating is a very quick way of putting on fat because you usually eat more than you would normally, plus the kinds of foods that your unconscious mind associates with watching TV time are often fat-creating foods.

What’s the connection between television and food?

Your mind works through association. If you do two thing together many times they start to feel as if they naturally go together. In fact, doing one without the other starts to feel weird. This is called conditioning.

Watching TV and eating usually leads to ‘over-fuelling’ of the body – lots of calories in, but no energy expenditure. A recent study on children showed that they burned fewer calories while watching TV than when sat staring at a blank wall!

The absent-mindedness of watching television (or TV trance) allows fat-creating foods to slip in unnoticed, neatly side-stepping any weight loss goals you may have had.

So if you feel trapped by the unhealthy pattern of TV eating and it’s keeping you fatter than you’d like, give Stop TV Eating today and set your body free from all that extra digestive work and extra fat cells onto your system.

Download Stop TV Junk Food Eating now and escape those sneaky extra calories.


Stop TV Junk Food Eating

How to stop TV Junk Food Eating with self-hypnosis audio. Stop the wrong food types creeping up on you and be healthier.

Note: Download only available in English language.